Buying a Used Porsche 911 964 - Avoid Dodgy Dealers and Don't Get Ripped Off!

Published: 15th March 2010
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When you consider buying a Porsche 911 964 the first thing that will process in your head is the price. It's a fact that almost any Porsche will be and expensive purchase, and finding a good deal is getting harder and harder as the market is becoming saturated with rebuilt pieces of junk.

Before you even think about purchasing or even viewing a Porsche 911 964 it is important to do your research so you know what to expect from the buying process. Lot's of Porsche sellers and dealers wont expect you to know all the facts and will try and make extra money off you, if you do your research beforehand you will be able to spot the current and potential problems and negotiate a better price.

Top 3 Porsche 911 964 Buyers Tips

1. Always check that the V.I.N number is in the right places.

This is the vehicle identification number. It is unique to every car, if it shows any signs of tempering then ask questions. There could be some faults in the history that you haven't been told about.

2. Take your time to buy the right Porsche in the right condition.

You will be surprised how many people impulse buy, even when it is something as expensive as a Porsche 911 964. If you aren't sure then do not buy! You will only regret it and if there are any problems you are unaware about then you will only find it more difficult to sell.

3. Take it out for a long and thorough test drive.

Some people will base their decision purely on looks and inspection. Although this is a huge factor to take into account make sure you always get a long a thorough test drive. Some problems you might not be able to spot until you drive the car. Test it on as many different roads as possible.

If you are still unsure about buying the Porsche 911 964 after you have done an inspection, taken it out for a test drive and examined the history then either don't buy it or get professional advice from an expert.

Doing your research beforehand is key to making the right choice. Buying a Porsche 911 964 is a different process to buying a normal car, it's not just the mileage and price you need to take into account!

Interested In Buying A Used Porsche 911 964?

You Could Be Next To Get Ripped Off!

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