Buying a Used Porsche 911 Carrera - Learn How to Avoid the Common Faults

Published: 15th March 2010
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Buying a used Porsche 911 Carrera can be a difficult task if you don't know much about Porsche. Not everyone buying these days realise that a huge amount of the used Porsche 911 Carrera you see on the market today have been victim to minor and major crashes, and rebuilt just to be sold on. Lot's of these Porsche will be hiding some serious problems that are sometimes beyond repair and can cost thousands in after sale bills.

When you are buying Porsche its important you know what to look out for so you can spot the problems before you make a purchase. This way you will either be able to decide against the purchase altogether or haggle money off to get a better deal.

Top three common faults with a Porsche 911 Carrera

1. Rips on the perspex.

If the model you are viewing uses an electronic hood then make sure you check every inch. This is one of the most common problems people encounter after they have made the purchase. Depending on the size of the rip you will be able to haggle down to a slightly cheaper price. At least the cost of repair.

2. Violent steering vibrations.

When you are taking the Porsche 911 Carrera out on a bumpy road make sure you pay particular attention to the handling, try to keep the steering wheel straight and see if the car drifts. This is another very common fault, especially with older models. Try testing the car on as many different roads as you can so you will get a good indication if the steering is up to scratch.

3. Missing or tampered V.I.N numbers.

Make sure you check that all of the V.I.N numbers are in place around the car. If they show any signs of tampering then ask questions. If there is a valid reason for any of the V.I.N numbers not being in place make sure you see the relevant documents as proof of a repair.

These problems are only just scratching the surface and there are money others that all buyers should be aware of. Some of the problems the seller may have even overlooked themselves. By giving the car a detailed inspection inside and out you will be able to save yourself a huge amount of money on a Porsche 911 Carrera in the long run.

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